PROSICA at a glance

The company


PROSICA is a consulting and training company specialised in information security and business continuity.

We are located at Tour Nova close to the “La Défense” business district in Paris.

Our strengths

  1. Double experience as a consultant and manager of the company founder and owner.
  2. Strong expertise of the consultants: state-of-the-art knowledge and professional certifications.
  3. Human qualities to adapt to complex environments and exacting requirements from our customers: listening, autonomy, precise and clear written and oral communication in French and English.
  4. Financial independence.
  5. Extended professional network facilitating added value and responsive support serving our customer’s needs

The owner


As an engineer, Christophe JOLIVET has acquired a solid experience in information security, business continuity and crisis management.

After starting his career as a Chief Technology Officer in the French Army, he then worked as a consultant and manager for a private information security consulting and auditing firm in Paris. He worked for 6 years as a Chief Security Officer at Eutelsat (the leading satellite operator in Europe, the Middle East and Africa). He is the CEO of PROSICA, which he founded in 2013.

Repository and security policy developments

Prosica is a member of several leading international and French professional security organisations including

Cybersecurity challenges

Cybersecurity challenges

The digital revolution implies permanent challenges for public and private companies. Evolving to meet new customer usages is “business as usual” for IT departments. This revolution...


We meet the needs of our customers in Information Security and Business Continuity Planning through diverse services…